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What is Viagra Gold?

Viagra Gold are most powerful Viagra pills. When 100mg Sildenafil Citrate is not enough, there is Viagra Gold with 800mg sildenafil citrate for ultimate ED treatment. However recently we have moved and merged our website at with the leading and biggest online drugstore called Pharmacy XL at as they are viagra specialist and have a huge choice of sexual health medications available with free shipping and low prices including the extremely powerful Viagra Gold Vigour with 800mg sildenafil citrate, but also Cialis Black with 800mg tadalafil so lots of choice for you! VIagra Gold is the ultimate sex pill for those who wants the most powerful sexual performance in the bedroom and the maximum help for their manhood, with a guaranteed increased penis size and rocket hard erection for hours guaranteed. Having said that, this extra strong version of Viagra is only for experienced users which came to the conclusion that the normal Viagra with 100mg sildenafil is not strong enough and that's why they need a stronger viagra tablet. If you are new to Viagra, always start with a smaller dosage of 50mg or 100mg sildenafil and only when this doesn't work, go for this top class Viagra Gold.
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